Cartographies and Colonies

Known Clues about the Codex Murders

This is what everyone knows

Okay, so these are the clues that every character knows as of 2/23/14. Your character may have additional information that hasn’t been shared yet and you are responsible for keeping track of that.

In the library

  • Ghinjo and Rigel were found dead.
  • Ghinjo had been slaughtered with a blade, her eyes, tongue, and liver removed.
  • Ghinjo snapped Rigel’s neck
  • Ghinjo had a scrap of black cloth in her claws
  • Robert/ Nugget was cut under his eye as if the killer was trying to take his eyes. This was healed by Dadji but a scar remains
  • Tracks of blood led through a secret passage behind a shelf
  • The tracks stopped and a handkerchief with some blood and a blonde hair was found
  • The passage ended in the front parlor

In the parlor

  • The window was broken outward to provide quick escape onto the lawn
  • The curtains were torn in the escape as well


  • Gnoll blood was found on the tent that houses nobles from the Seelie Court

In the Green Study

  • Babby’s notes have been found to contain very racist scrawls against the citizens of Mboshu, the gnolls in particular.
  • Grease stains are on some of the calculations, presumably from Ada

In Ghinjo’s Quarters

  • Robert’s guard and storyteller were both found dead. Their tea had been poisoned.

The People

  • Ada is on her way to the Sanctuary to do some consulting on Babby’s behalf. It is a two day trip there and a two day trip back
  • After an uncoooperative outburst, Kivuli is taking Babby to the Sanctuary for his own safety
  • Lady Caralay is in the noble’s tent



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