Cartographies and Colonies

Nafu's Tail 006

Why is the rum always gone?

Babu, we are flying once again. Theron said this was the fastest ship and I think he spoke true. We will sail into the coming storm and teach it to fear the volcano.

But just so you know, when I return to Mji and am slaughtered like a cow for abandoning my duties to the Maw I will be blaming you and Mad Jenny with my dying breath.

The day started with good portents. I gave Rube’s aunty a bird to greet her with. The best bird that I could find. It is not made of metal but it will sing many pretty songs. A breeding pair of goats too so that she can start her own herd and without offending the humans. It was a good party. Plenty of cows and bakga. Vek’d and Fiona tested their teeth against each other and Rube’s family gave him many gifts.

You smelled adventure even then didn’t you?

The drow that are still in elfhame. I now know the sickly elves will not send those drow home. I am Taya, I must go help them. Well, Taya until the Maw has me slaughtered for leaving or slaughtered for stealing the ship from Aisling and his people. Maybe he will die in the lands of the Knhum. That would be nice.

I hope Kivuli took Vekd’s medallion to the Maw. Vek’d is sworn to obey her orders anyway so it will do no great inconvenience to him in her possession. She will understand the other message that was sent with it, that I have become pirate and shunned.

My new pack is fearsome though. I offered a grand hunt to the drow and the near-pirates of the Tufani islands. We will take the Mad Jenny to Elfhame and if we find these other boats we will hunt them before they can take the storm to Mboshu. No one understands storms better than the Tufani. And the drow are tightening the rigging and attempting to make the Mad Jenny fly even faster. They have an unusual grim countenance now. They look as fierce as any gnoll. The pale elves and humans that came on the ship from Elfhame however, are . . . . less fearsome. But we will teach them how to hunt.

Theron stands at the wheel now, still looking mournful over the loss of some shiny things. I will try to find shiny things to make him happy. At least until we learn the knack of steering this giant boat.

Still, in the meantime we fly. Standing in the front and looking over the horizon I am eager to see my first prey.

You know Babu, blood and seawater don’t taste so different.



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