Cartographies and Colonies

Stupid Goldbergs, Stupid Vek'd

Stupid Goldbergs, have their nose too far in the air to see what is front of their fat little ugly noses! Ruben, the heir apparent seems content at letting things go to the waste side. We are required to trust that he has everything under control and so far he has blundered a lot.

1st, Ghinjo is dead, not much protection there. Security in this house sucks.

2nd, The chemicals and such that was supposed to be sent to the Sanctuary with Molly was sent with a low level peon! This is how much priority that this problem has with the Goldbergs.

3rd, The way that most to all (Rosemary is not included in this) of the Goldbergs look at the delegation, it was as if we are below them. We are not ‘refined’ to their taste. Funny, no one on M’boshu would ever kill another in the fashion that Ghinjo was killed. They call US savage?!?!?!

4th, When anyone talks to Ruben or anyone of the Goldbergs (again, Rosemary excluded) it is Us (The Goldbergs) and them (The Uramali and the Delegation from M’boshu). Never is the Uramali ever referenced as part of the family.

5th, They speak of trust and yet give none. True we have been to some places that most don’t ever see, however, Rube needs to trust more in us. I am not willingly trying to hurt his family here on Elfhame. What he doesn’t understand is that I am right now keeping from there being a complete slaughter in the house, if there isn’t a suitable answer given soon, the delegation is gonna go insane and I doubt I will be able to reason with them this time.

I am getting really exhausted with this whole role of delegate, It was simpler when I knew what to kill, then I didn’t have to worry about whose feelings I would hurt. I am getting worn down. I am not cut out to deal with this, give me a solid enemy and I will cut them down, this subterfuge is not my game.


No longer cannon. But you still get your half a character point.

Stupid Goldbergs, Stupid Vek'd

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