Cartographies and Colonies

Thoughts from Vek'd 3

My friends, it seems we have stumbled upon a mystery. The Urlamali are being led around by necromancers. the chieftain is the lead puppet in a masquerade of puppets. I do not think the Maw knows anything about what is truly happening here.

We went in to ‘talk’ with the chieftain about the trouble we had outside. My friends, I have never seen a gnoll dumbfounded before, however, the look on Nafu’s muzzle said it all when the chieftain said we were not to leave the caves alive! Well, to say the least, we had eliminated the threat of the chieftain and her ‘pack’ of morons before they could kill us; so we thought!

(STUPID DROW MAJIK!) We went down into a tunnel, for some reason Ruben decided to trap it! My friends, who can really understand the mind of a gnome? Anyhow, I digress, we found a friend of ours Talia (The human that wore a gnoll skull.) She was down there with the chieftain and later in the caves below the chieftain’s throne. We had thought at first that she was behind all the commotion going on, however, I don’t think that is the case.

My friends, as if by coincidence (I don’t believe it was) the chieftain and the gnolls we had slain rose again and we had to ‘kill’ them all over again! This is truly beyond the majik that these people know (STUPID DROW MAJIK!). I fear that our companion Iestyn does’t look too well. We came upon a bunch of tapestries, old tapestries from the drow I remember, he went berserk and began slashing them and burning them.

I fear for everyone’s life now, I do not want to let them know the truth, however, if I do not then their lives are forfeit and we will not be able to do what we set out to do. This is something I need to think on, for if it is discovered that I am here, and the unseely court remembers, then we are all in big trouble!



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