Cartographies and Colonies

Up until now

I am a tool

For 2 years after the defeat of the Lich, I was with the Great Mother. It was glorious and awesome. Even now, when I meditate (I do not sleep) I am taken back there and when I come to, I am at peace. I have for 3 years after training Paladins, first just for the Great Mother, then more recently for the others (with the exception of Anansi. Just the thought runs shivers up and down my scales!) and there has been a few people upset by this. (The Crone of the Lady Bridgette.)

As if training paladins weren’t enough, my duties as Taya have been taxing as well and I feel a bad wind blowing (A saying from Mad Jenny!). It seems that the residents of M’Boshu do not understand the way that the settlers from Elfhame have come, though they have bargained straight with the locals, they don’t understand what that pale ancestors mean by they can not use the fields for their buffalo for grazing for they have always been able to use the fields as such.

This has now gotten out of hand, the settlers are bringing armed guards from Elfhame to defend their crops from raiders. As Taya I am tasked with keeping the peace, however personally I hope the elves will turn tail and run. It seems that someone is funding Aisling very well these days for if the rumors are true, he is flourishing very well with his Botga sales, no matter where he gets them. (a lot of the crops he has looks familiar.) He tea houses are famous in Elfhame.

Speaking of which, I was asked to be part of the Deligation that is going to Elfhame, just in time for the Goldberg Fair Bazaar! Yippee Me! There is a hidden agenda here somewhere, I knew it when everyone but the new Maw and Menya (the Maw that allowed me to try out for the Taya!) held a private council.

It was like dropping an anvil on my chest, I could barely breath, the new maw asked me to try to take the crown in Elfhame! As if I wanted that, I don’t and I let her know about it. She actually tried to lay a guilt trip on me! Crafty gnolls! I looked to Menya as if I had been betrayed for that is what has happened. (for the good of M’Boshu!) as if this is the only way to stop the incursion!

I talked to Rube about this and for some reason he was very testy! He even snapped at me (something I didn’t think he had in him, would be proud of him if he wasn’t right.) for being a tool! Now that I think of it, He is right, I was a tool. Born a tool for the Seelie Court, Snatched up for the Unseelie Court to be used as a tool, and now for the Maw, as a tool. I do not mention the Great Mother, because I came to Her, and though I did not choose my path, I accept this one. The others I can not, will not accept, for it is an affront to be used as such a way that compromises my self.

Since coming back to M’Boshu, I have been sitting in with the council of Clerics and giving them updates about the Paladin training (all except the crone, who keeps herself away from the ‘heathens’) This night, before I leave to Elfhame, I call a meeting, which includes the crone and tell them what the Great Mother has told me about the up the start up of the Great Hunt and how it is a precursor the Lady Spider making her move.

We finally get to Elfhame, with myself and Dodgy as part of the delegation. It seems there are things that Dodgy and I can agree on. We both love to play with soap and bubbles. It was kinda nice to be relaxed around her for once. We got a sorta kinda tour, and that is when things began to go awry!

Ghinjo was killed and so where her guards. It seems that Ghinjo snapped Rigel (Rube’s cousin-in-law’s) neck while holding Robert (Nugget to M’Boshuans, and Rigel’s son) in an effort to protect Nugget from Rigel. However, it seems that someone has killed Ghinjo like someone every 33 years (or so, not sure on the year span.) We immediately look into and find out that it was an apprentice of Rube’s great uncle Babby ( an avid gnoll hater.) who just so happened to get out as the fair was sealed off. (Of course) This smells of the Unseelie Court, but also of the Seelie Court.

I have this sneaky suspicion that someones on both sides are in accord with each other to bring down the Goldbergs who just can not help but have their little gnomish hands in every corner of every market and excel at everything better than everyone else. Not really a reason to hate them! (oh the dripping sarcasm!)

To make things worse now is that Rube and I are at odds with each other, He thinks we need to cover this mess up, I say to give the Gnolls Ada (Babby’s assistant) and Dodgy wants to blame someone else. Oh the fun never quits! I am not sure but I am reluctant to blame an innocent person but maybe to find someone that has had a hand in helping this come about that would be cool, just so that we do not start trouble of the Goldbergs.

This line of thinking does not go against the Great Mother as the people behind it are getting justice and even though it will be done quietly so is Ada. Speaking of which, it was the morning of the funeral for Ghinjo and her body guards, normally we would have consumed their bodies in the evening and had an all night party but since there was a toxin in their blood, we had to make sure they were safe, and I asked the delegation if it would suit them if I had sacrificed Ghinjo’s better parts to the Great Mother so that she was assured a place in the Field of Blood and Bone. We set the bodies to be eaten carrion by pigs. If the pigs died, then we would burn their bodies. If the pigs lived, we consumed the pigs.

As we got the farm with the pigs we talked to the hair toe that owned the place and it was suggested that he and his hired hand didn’t stay to watch. Seems this scrawny young boy on a shaggy pony had just arrived as we got there. (No such thing as coincidences!) I greeted the young lad, whom looked as though he was about to fight. Hmm, a northern welp, wonder what he was doing down here.

P. We invited him to join us, and learn of this was of honoring the dead. He agreed and relaxed. That is when I realized that Dodgy wasn’t there. I saved her a piece as we later found out that the pigs didn’t indeed die.

As the pigs where feasting I felt it a good time to do the sacrifice for Ghinjo, I couldn’t do her liver but I could do her heart and lungs. The pray went like this:

(threw the heart into the fire) Great Mother, receive this offering of Your daughter, for her heart was strong, and when it beat, it did beat with the fierceness and love for the hunt as You would have it.

(threw the lungs into the fire) Great Mother, receive this offering of Your daughter, for her lungs breathed in Your fire and sulfur that gives life and takes life away only to renew life again.

(threw the brain into the fire) Great Mother, receive this offering of Your daughter, for her mind was always set on You. You were her reason for living, You gave her the strength, the life and the will to live for the hunt. She knew it was You that brought her out of the darkness and allowed her to live.

I was brought to a place where the smell of sulfur and brimstone was in the air, a field of green and a river of blood flowing beside it. There Ghinjo was, she was missing her eyes, but she knew it was. She greeted me as a brother and I her as a sister. With a little bit of coercing I found out that it was Ada that killed her and that she snapped Rigel’s neck.

And that brings us back around to where we left off….



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