Cartographies and Colonies

Why Me?

Can this get any worse?

Ok, so now that Ghinjo is dead and ‘buried’ (in our stomachs mind you) that I didn’t think it could get any worse. WRONG! My friends, Dodgy said she had had a dream given by Mad Jenny (oh, this one is gonna be good!) Dodgy was riding a pitch Black horse with red eyes and fire for hooves! (Is she kidding? a Nightmare? Really?) This does not bode well for us my friends.

The Great Hunt – It is a culling of sorts by the Drow. They come together as a large group (large being 4 to 5 of the great houses from each city come together to do a gignormous hunt topside, this is not a pretty thing! This is usually set off by a Nightmare running through the area in which the Great Hunt is set upon. It is used as a beacon of despair and to signify that the Great Hunt has started!

Dodgy actually wanted to keep the Nightmare. My senses couldn’t take it in at all! Here I am as a Paladin for the Great Mother and her a Cleric for Mad Jenny and she actually wanted to keep it. I mean, a Nightmare is the embodiment of great evil and here she wants to keep it!

Well, Mad Jenny and the Great Mother has seen fit to not let her keep it for now, as the thing did disappear, but not before Dodgy got to ride on it and had thought she had tamed it! Ha! Like she had anything to do with it! If she only knew! Anyhow, that is for a different time and place, we now have an accord. We must destroy the unseelie court! Dodgy wants to sneak in and steal the baby drow. Hmm, now how would we go about doing that?…



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