Minor Elven Noble


Aisling is a half-elven member of a minor house. With an unknown greater house’s backing, he has mounted an expedition to Mboshu in hopes of establishing an early monopoly on the spice trade. He is specifically seeking vanilla and cinnamon from the lands of the Knhum.

Aisling is worried about the effects the environment of Mboshu seems to have on citizens from more “civilized” lands. However he takes a great deal of pleasure in seeing Dr. Frost in a dress.

The appearance of Aisling has caused Iestyn and Hawla to disappear after Iestyn was heard saying “It’s him!”

Fiona recalled a minor scandal some time ago wherein Aisling was hit in the face with a snowball. The resulting gossip and mockery kept him from showing his face in the noble court for a rather long time.

Rube has uncovered a much larger scandal. Nafu brought a coin she traded a pouch of bakga for. A close investigation by Rube revealed that the coin was a counterfeit, containing too much tin and not being as well struck as the coins from the dwarven mint. His inspection also revealed the the coin had been struck in the past year. Whether the house of Aisling is making the counterfeits or getting them from a deal with the Rogue’s Guild is unknown. Nafu is keeping the coin in the meantime for future leverage.

Aisling went south to look for spices. While he was gone Nafu took his ship with a contingent of gnolls and drow and went to sea.

Much to the surprise of everyone (including himself) Aisling survived his trip into the depths of Mboshu. He came back, without his jewels, armor, weapons, or horses. After some pointed questioning by the Taya he recalled that he gave his ship to Nafu as a gift.

Aisling is now more merchant than noble. Although he operates no plantations, he runs the most profitable bakga houses in Tara. He relies on the Hassan to gather bakga by the bale for him, trading horses to them for it.

In Tara his “bakga dens” are considered quite exotic and fashionable. He brings over gnolls to run the shops and make the tea and incense in the “savage fashion.” Many of these gnolls stay on the grounds of his household where they are quite happy and well fed.



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