Citizens of Mboshu

Minor Characters from the Land of Mboshu


Azimarescued from Pearl-Eye the Pirate
Inafi’s brother. Stark white hair and pure red eyes, ebon skin like a very classical looking Drow. Claims to be a very good fisher. He was saved from captivity and service by the party and made offer to Iestyn to be a husband. But he was beaten out by Hawla, therefore has had to join Inafi’s family.

FraulineA very angry drowess. She never smiles. Never.
Hawla’s Sister-in-law. She never smiles. She doesn’t have friends. She’s made of muscle.

HalisiDrowess wild magic user
Who nafu collects to help deal with the party crasher necromancers.

InafiA fisherdrowess
Operates in of Mji, home of the Maw.

Citizens of Mboshu

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