Dr. Frost

half-elven leader of your illustrious expedition


He goes by “Doctor” or “Frost,” if you must shorten it. You don’t know his first name.

Dr. Frost runs a medical clinic in a lowtown neighborhood in the east end of Elfhame city. The people there are too poor to afford real alchemical treatments or healing by prayer at any of the major temples, except on the holy festivals where allcomers are welcomed. Thus the residents are willing to let Frost experiment with cures that are of a decidedly nonmagical and secular nature. He despises both magic and religion and dreams of the day that science will surpass both. He thinks the human mind shackled by the arcane and elves to be hopelessly bound to ritual. No one knows his background, but considering he is half elven, he likely grew up in an orphanage, unwanted bastard of one of the nobility.

He has silver eyes and long silver hair that he keeps tied back. He always wears formal clothing, though in Mboshu this has taken a strange turn. He currently wears his own girdle (male corset) and breeches with a colorfully woven drowish dress over them, the clothing that Nafu suggested would be appropriate to his position of authority.

Frost procured some obsidian blades of Mboshu origin, and this led to his organizing the first trade expedition to Mboshu. His object is to find more obsidian. He has noted that the rock, though fragile, can be sharper than the sharpest mithril scalpel.

The key to the expedition’s success was his getting two very wealthy patrons to back it: the Goldbergs, an old gnomish family from Llywel, and the church of Brigit. They provided enough gold for him to buy a zeppelin and pilot for the trip. For this reason he has acceded to the presence of a missionary and a mage on board, even though he despises both professions. The zeppelin has allowed the party to fly to Mboshu swiftly, arriving ahead of any more official trade expeditions, and without any encounters with pirates.


Dr. Frost

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