Urumali female


Grey muzzled.
Had many cubs, but none survived, and she was bitter of it.
Great hunter, bitter, occasionally in trouble for unnecessary injuries being caused.

She tried being part of the Taya once, but the Maw rejected her.

After the Adventuring Party killed Erevu and uncovered the depth of the necromancy, Ghinjo aided them in fighting the lich. She is now the chieftain of the Uramali.

Ghinjo has offered citizenship in the Great Tribe of the Uramali to Rube’s family in exchange for his and his family’s help in sealing up the secret tunnels of the lichess.

She doesn’t like paper – at all.

The Goldbergs, specifically Rosemary, became an important part of the Uramali tribe. Thanks to the cleansing of the tunnels, Uramali fortunes are higher than they have been in quite a while.

The first gnomish child born on Mboshu was Robert, son of Rigel and Susannah. They asked Ghinjo to be his godmother. She took the responsibility very seriously and rarely left the child she called “Little Mouthful” or “Nugget” alone. She even provided him with a personal guard and a storyteller. When Rigel, Susannah, Robert, and Rosemary went back to Elfhame Ghinjo went with them.

The first night of the festival, Ghinjo was found butchered and clutching an injured Nugget. It is unknown why she snapped Rigel’s neck.


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