Iorheren Vai'Hranozarh

Crystal Dragon, Eldest of Hranozarh's clutch


Young Adult Category Crystal Dragon
72 years old
HD modifier +1
Combat Modifier +5
Fear Radius 15’
Fear Save modifier +7

Body Length – 25ft, Tail 27 ft
AC = -1
Breath Weapon = 5d4+5
Spells Wizard/Priest – 1/1
5% Magical Resistance

Immune to Light-based attacks and normal cold
Can cast Charm Person at will
Color Spray 3/day


Of Honscathe, the eldest of Hranozarh ’s second hatching. Iorheren is male, growing fine and very interested in making mischief for other races. He thinks they are all far to serious for their own good. He gets along best with pixies, nixies, sprites, brownies and other deep-wood fae.

If there’s trouble in the forest and lochs of Honscathe, the source is likely Iorheren.

Iorheren Vai'Hranozarh

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