A gnoll from Mboshu now acting as Ruben's butler


Orphaned male gnoll pup that has attached to Ruben.

Reason Ruben knows gnollish for “Do not pee here.”


Kivuli was the only pup to have emerged from the warren. When he did he found that his pack had been wiped out in a raid. The orphaned pup was taken to Mji.

While there he latched on to Ruben as a friend. He found the gnome fascinating.

When Nafu left on her ship, she left Kivuli her water buffalo. It is one of his prized possessions.

When Ruben returned to Elfhame, Kivuli went with him, buffalo and all. Kivuli now acts as Rube’s valet, butler, bodyguard, messenger, and anything else he can do to be useful. Many visitors find the sight of the nearly eight-foot gnoll dressed in a suit and vest to be very intimidating.


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