Knight of the Mirrorshield

mysterious guy who followed Elionwy everywhere


This knight rode always at the side of Elionwy of the Chalice. He wore plate mail of mithril and white lacquer, and he carried an enchanted shield the form and sheen of a great silver scale. The Mirrorshield reflects all things as they truly are, and facing the shield itself is as terrible as facing the knight who holds it. Along with Elionwy, the Knight of the Mirrorshield was a guardian of the chalice, a cup that could heal all wounds, however grievous. When the cup passed to Ser Galahad of the Seelie Court, Elionwy and the Knight of the Mirrorshield were freed of this duty. When Elionwy bore a son, the knight was as much a caretaker of the boy, and he was as angry with Rilian for losing the child to the Unseelie Court. When the silver dragons went to war against the Unseelie, he rode with them. When the dust of war had settled, Elionwy and the Knight of the Mirrorshield rode into the northern wastes of Runfeld, and neither lady nor knight have been seen since.

The Knight of the Mirrorshield wore grey elvish form, but like Elionwy, never seemed to age. Whether this was a property of guarding the chalice, or because like Elionwy he was, in truth, a silver dragon enchanted to look like an elf, it is not known.


Knight of the Mirrorshield

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