Kitupa'jiwe Nafurahi

Gnoll Bard



Nafu’s Dodgy Dagger (Berserker Jambiya)
Sling Bullets

Fishhooks (10)
Fishing Net
Gourd Cup
Box of Bakga
Small Tent

Embroidered Breechcloth
Woven wool cloak
Knife Sheath
Gnoll Skull
13 earrings (having given 2 to Iestyn so he would be recognized as a sister)
15 gold worth of necklaces
10 gold worth of bracelets
War Buffalo

Pearleye’s eye
Aisling’s Counterfeit Silver Coin
Bone flute
Spider leg
Zombie head

Spell List:
1 Lvl
- Patternweave
- Reckless Dweomer (percentage to learn)
- Fire Burst
- Murdock’s Feathery Flier
5,793 xp
4 CP


When Kutupa’jiwe Nafurahi was born, it was her dark red eyes that her tribe commented on; sharing the eye color of the Sleeping Mother surely meant great things. So there was no great surprise when she started channeling magic in her early adolescence. (Although a great many were startled when she accidentally channeled a there-not-there spell on the night’s kill.) That summer she was sent to live with Sinafay Samaki, a drow matron noted for her ability to endure the wild castings of untrained magical children.

But it was Nafu’s great big eyes that ruled her future. She was never patient enough to reliably commune with the ancestors, and not calm enough to reliably channel magic. After accidentally turning Sinafay’s hair blue, the elder drow was a lot more easy going about letting the gnoll child spend the day fishing or clambering around the city. If anyone had business Nafu could stick her snout into, Nafu was there.

Nafu’s real talent was singing. That was just as well. The Maw needs bards to be her eyes, ears, and mouth. A good singer is as valuable as a decent magic user.

Some gnolls might be lonely, roaming the savannah alone. Or feel a sense of dread at constantly being outside of a territory to call their own. But it suits Nafu. She likes to think that her territory extends from horizon to horizon, and she’s never really alone when she is welcome for tea and songs in any tribe she comes across.

Nafu has recently hijacked a merchant ship and turned pirate.

Nafu is golden furred with black spots. Her tall black crest of fur extends from her forehead to the middle of her back, decorated with colorful feathers. Her fur is dyed with vibrant colors and patterns, including the markings of the Maw that keep her protected under the law. Strapped to her right shoulder is a gnoll skull whose teeth has been replaced by shards of obsidian.

Kitupa'jiwe Nafurahi

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