Goldberg, Rigel

Ruben's cousin. Designs high-pressure steam engines and boiler systems


Ruben’s cousin. Designs high-pressure steam engines and boiler systems, mainly used in factories. In his youth a piston from one of his engines came loose, wrecking the engine and throwing an iron rod through a stone wall. Since then he has become an expert on temperature and pressure tolerances within steam engine systems.

His work on the “Big Boiler Project” in the tunnels of the Mji volcano has been invaluable.

Rigel is the father of Robert, the first gnomish child born on Mboshu. Although he was dubious, he allowed his wife’s aunt to convince them to name Ghinjo the godmother of their child. Ghinjo took the job much more seriously than Rigel was comfortable with, and referred to the child as “Nugget” (literally “bite-size”).

Most recently, Rigel was found murdered in the public library of Goldberg Manor. To all appearances it seems that Ghinjo snapped his neck before she was murdered herself.

Goldberg, Rigel

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