Rilian Ard Righ

The first Ard Righ, a grey elf who conquered all the riochts of Llywen and earned tribute from those of Runfeld.


Rilian began as a lord of surface elves, righ of the Seelie Court. However, he harbored the ambition to rule not only elves, but all the people of the Green Isle.

He founded Tara, capital city of Elfhame. He chose the spot because of a dream he had when camped on the hill by the stone circle. He claimed it as a prophesy that he would conquer all of the Green Isle. He swore to fulfill this destiny, and he sank his sword to its hilt in the stone altar as token of his oath. When he was crowned Ard Righ, he returned to Tara, drew forth the sword, and began construction of a great capital city.

He built the Wall that stretches from the Green Isle’s east coast to it’s west, bisecting it, keeping Runfeld safely on the other side.

His descendents claim the surname O’Rilian. Only those bearing this name can be Ard Righ. Popular legends state that only the true Ard Righ can wield Rilian’s sword, so that theoretically, if the sword rejected the O’Rilians and chose a commoner, even a human could be Ard Righ. Of course the elves would never stand for this, even in the event of a wayward magic sword, but that is what gives the legend its strength.

The court in Tara is still called the Seelie Court, though as the government of a multiracial empire it little resembles the original nomadic court of the surface elves. What everyone in Runfeld and few in Elfhame remember is that there is also an Unseelie Court, and it despises the O’Rilians.


Rilian Ard Righ

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