Sinafay Samaki

Drow Matron


Sinafay Samaki is a drow approaching elderly and is the matron of of the Samaki family in the Asavik clan. She’s raised many magic-using children and has great patience for the tribulations and unusual occurrences that brings.


Sinafay has born three children of her own – two sons and a daughter. She has four husbands, the youngest and newest being Akisi. Two of her husbands are fishers and two are weavers. Sinafay herself is a fisher when she is not looking after magic using children.

Raising magic users for the Maw requires a balance of patience and good humor. Both were sorely tested when the latest magic using gnoll, Nafu, accidentally turned Sinafay’s hair blue.

For many decades, Maws have relied on Sinafay’s advice as much as her ability to endure wild magic.

Sinafay recently lost a younger sister to pirates in the Tufani region. Her widowed brother-in-law Hawla is now engaged to Iestyn.

Sinafay Samaki

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