The Goldberg Family

Minor Members of the Goldberg House


Ruben’s father’s cousin. Geometer. The family librarian and records keeper – a very important position indeed for a family that hordes as many records as the Goldbergs do. She has developed a detailed system for categorizing, organizing, and preserving the family records. It is carefully filed in the family records. Fortunately, several other members of the family are also familiar with her methods.

ap Meredith, Shan
Shân ap Meredith is an alchemist and sponsored member of the Goldberg Family. A young halfling shepherdess, she was selling her wool at Cardiff one day when Rosemary Goldberg noticed her unusually colorful clothing. Discovering that Shân had a natural eye for color and had developed several basic dyes to brighten her own clothing, Rosemary offered to sponsor her for membership in the clan-cartel. She spent three years learning the fundamentals of alchemy at Goldberg Manor, and now splits her time as a journeyman between the Manor and Rosemary’s townhouse, where she develops dyes for the family’s textile industry.


Rube’s cousin. A semi-retired Adventurer. Friendly and well traveled. Shorter than average, even for a gnome, but an absolute terror in a fight. When the family needs to acquire monsters for the menagerie, procure items not generally available on the open market, or hire mercenaries for whatever reason, he is usually the person they send. Also acts as chief trade liaison with the dwarfs. He and Ruben are quite close, and Ruben admires him.

Ruben’s nephew. An alchemist. Considered eccentric, even by his own family, he mainly researches derivatives of sheep manure. The family is supportive, however, and has built him a well equipped lab on a barge in the middle of a nearby lake, thus protecting bystanders from the smell and occasional lab explosions. The lab has been rebuilt five times.

Rube’s great uncle. A noted linguist and political philosopher with an interest in the magical and mundane power of words. Often lectures at wizard colleges on topics such as the nature of language and the relationship between sound and meaning in the somatic components of spells.

Ruben’s Nephew. Runs the family menagerie up in the mountains, which contains monsters from which useful products can be (carefully) extracted or produced or which can be sold to discerning customers of the more traditional side of the family business. Several other people work under him.

Rube’s cousin. Runs a watch and curio shop in Elfhame. A good craftsman, but a better salesman.

Married to Lauren. A composer, pianist, and organist. Rarely performs live, despite being very talented, but creates many of the rolls and discs for the family’s musical machines. Used to be quite famous, and still sought after in some circles.

Ruben’s aunt. A maker of music boxes and automatons. One of the developers of the MetroGnomes.

Ruben’s cousin. Nicholas’ twin. One of the few gnomes particularly skilled at evocation, specializing in lightning and, to a lesser extent, fire. Works closely with her twin brother Nicholas. Most notably invented the capacitor.

Ruben’s niece. She is young and curious about the world. Has a real talent for art and illusions. Very fond of her uncle Ruben.

Rube’s great uncle. An alchemist; most noted for pesticides and artificial sweeteners, but has also created artificial ivory and several other unique products.

Ruben’s cousin and Marie’s twin. Geometer and engineer. Working closely with his sister on projects involving lightning and magnetism. Draws many schematics.

Rube’s cousin. The family outfitter, specializing in unconventional and multipurpose equipment. Develops unusual devices to fulfill specific, unusual purposes. Often referred to by his initial. Has been placed in charge of the family’s textile mills while his mother handles development of the Mboshu project, although he will most likely delegate a fair bit of the day-to-day operations so he can continue to work on his “special projects”. This is likely to be a good idea, as while he’s more than capable of repairing and innovating the spinning and weaving machines under his care, it’s probably best that he confine his “special little extras” to items for use exclusively by members of the family.

Ruben’s second cousin. A structural engineer and architect specializing in mazes, labyrinths, mines, and dungeons. Has spent the past three years working with the Dwarves.

Simon the Elder (deceased)
Ruben’s great uncle. Designed mazes. Sadly deceased, although his grandson (also called Simon) carries on the family tradition.

Sir John Newhouse (aka Gnome Juan)

Ruben’s aunt on his mother’s side. An astronomer with an impressive observatory about three miles from Goldberg Manor. (I can’t decide whether she should be a wizard or some sort of cleric.)

Alaska’s husband, and in his youth a student to both Chomsky and Uncle Babby. Together with his wife he has developed a device called the Memex, which allows readers to create links between related topics in diverse documents.

Ruben’s second cousin. Chief liaison to the railroads. He and those under him broker shipping deals and scout out new routes. He also designs engines and bridges.

The Goldberg Family

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