The Maw

The Gnollish Ruler of Mboshu


The Maw is the ruler of Mboshu. She is the strongest individual of the strongest tribe of the strongest Great Tribe. The Maw holds her position for as long as she can fight off challengers and as long as her tribe and Great Tribe are the strongest. The average length of rule is about 5 summers, although legendary rulers have held the position much longer. While the fights for supremacy are ferocious, they very rarely end in death. The deposed Maw will frequently join Content Not Found: the-taya to lend her wisdom to the new Maw.

The Maw can only be a gnollish female (although she doesn’t have to be born a female). The other races are far too long lived to make good rulers. Only females understand how important love and discipline are to ruling pups and citizens both. And only females have the depths of ferocity to best defend their charges.

The Great Tribes are left to rule themselves on internal matters, it is only when a dispute starts to involve more than one Great Tribe or the drow and duergar that The Maw gets involved.

Menye of the Hukumu is the former Maw who appointed Vek’d to the Taya. She ruled for five summers. She is now a member of the Taya herself and still very active in the matters of doing what is best for Mboshu.

The current Maw is Asha of the Hassan.

The Maw

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