Vek'd Nusu Yang'ombe

Half-Elf Fighter


Vek d


Years of ‘training’ from the unseelie court had paid off, Vek’ds mind was still solid. It had to be or, he as anyone, no matter their race would go insane waking after so long to find themselves buried alive. The problem that Vek’d now faces is the yearning to go towards civilization, towards the amulet, that cursed amulet.

Funny, no matter what time you are in, there are always adventurers that go crypt diving, and that is exactly what must have happened to wake Vek’d up from such a long slumber. As Vek’d had gone looking for his personal items he noticed they were missing. Someone, whoever had broken the stasis spell had taken all of his possessions. No matter, they belonged to the unseelie court, what did he care? The one thing the ‘stupid’ dark elves didn’t know was that Vek’d had stash some money on his person just in case something happened.

After escaping his prison, Vek’d ventured off towards the pull of the amulet. He found his first challenge when he walked into the first town he came across. Lucky for him, the town was a small hamlet that seemed to be way off the main trading routes. When Vek’d walked into town, the townsfolk went into a panic for none could remember ever seeing a gray elf (even a half-gray elf). It was a new experience for them and everyone was excited, that was until they came close up and saw Vek’ds true nature, then they went screaming in fright.

Realizing now that he had to hide his ‘deformitites’ from everyone, from that same town, Vek’d took a large dark cloak and some other provisions and left quickly. As he headed toward his goal, he kept chuckling to himself and wondering if his patron knew how he had to prowl around like a common thief, what would he think of Vek’d?

Only after traveling for so long did Vek’d realize that he would need to either kill the person or buy from that person the amulet of his desires. To do this, he (Vek’d) must become a sword for hire (yes, the irony of it all). That is exactly where he finds himself now in this dirty, stinky sea harbor town.

Vek'd Nusu Yang'ombe

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