Nightmare Codex

Anatomical depictions of centuries of brutal murders


The Nightmare Codex is actually two books. Both are in the possession of the Goldberg family, kept in the vaults of the Sanctuary. The second one appears to pick up where the first left off.

A reader unaware of their history could be forgiven for assuming that they are disturbingly rendered anatomical textbooks. The pictures show sliced open representatives of almost every known sentient race.

The reality is that the books reflect illustrations of murder victims. The Nightmare Codex have followed a horrific cycle for a little over two centuries. Every 33 years there are two weeks of murder where the victims eyes, tongue, liver, and heart have been removed and never recovered. Generally these murders occur in Tara, but they have occurred as far north as the Dwarven Holds of Runfield. There is no more pattern to the victims themselves. While many are beggars, streetwalkers, and others who generally won’t be missed, even nobles have been killed by the Nightmare Codex Killer.

Nightmare Codex

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