Cartographies and Colonies

another letter home


Some things have happened since my last letter which I believe require your attention. At the direction of the Maw, my remaining companions and I were sent to the islands where we encountered the pirate Pearl Eye to seek the assistence of the cleric of the local deity Mad Jenny. It seems that there is only one cleric of each god on Mboshu, and although she is something of a rebel, keeping the depths of the mountain clear of dark magic is apparently Mad Jenny’s responsibility. The cleric, as it turned out, was a half-drow-half-gnoll (don’t ask, I didn’t) or droll, and is apparently every bit as mad as one might expect. We continued down our previous course in the hidden drow caverns, encountering several undead contstructs (sketches and diagrams of the bodies and animating circles enclosed), and eventually reached a level which I believe to be below the current lava pool. Following the tunnel further still, we discovered a large cavern containing an underground sea containing an island which housed a temple seemingly dedicated to Llolth. (Try saying all of that five times fast!) From the temple – which the cleric of Mad Jenny promptly burned – we were able to recover a (barely) sentient artifact which claims to date from the initial Drow exodus from the Green Isle and further claims that it’s stated purpose was to contain and suppress the drow aboard its ship for the rest of eternity. Needless to say, this plan failed when the ship somehow ended up in its current location.

:sigh: Father, this brings me to the good news/bad news/mad news portion of today’s report. The good news is that we are all alive, we have discovered the identity of the drow lich (a former high priest of Llolth, it seems), and we have successfully burnt what I fervantly hope is the only temple of Llolth on Mboshu. The bad news is that the lich has apparently already regenerated and has stolen the amulet which Vekd claims contains part of his soul from the cleric of Mad Jenny who in turn stole it from me, we still have only limited information on any allies which the lich may have in Mji, and I am no longer certain that diverting lava into the offending tunnels will be safe or effective. The mad news is that two quasi-sentient beings – the lich and the statue – which claim to date from the age of the original Ard Righ claim that Vekd is either the Ard Righ himself or his son, leaving me to question whether any of this is even plausible.

Father, I know you have been more than generous in your support of this project up until now, and I would not blame you if you decided that Mboshu is no longer a worthwhile use of family resources. That being said, if you are willing I have three requests.

First would you please forward the enclosed maps to the engineers and artificers with whom Sarah has been discussing our project to see if it is still managable? The presence of water below the mountain could be a serious boon to our interests, but presents new challenges which we may not have been anticipating as well. A consensus opinion would be very useful.

Second, did we ever manage to get funding for that under-sea-boat design from the temple of ManannĂ¡n mac Lir? I know we were having some issues with catastrophic depressurization of the pressure suits the last time I checked, but I believe the basic boat design was essentially sound. I ask because the lich escaped through an underwater tunnel while making use of an undead octopus as cover, and such a ship could give us the edge we need if it could be delivered intact to Mji in a timely manner.

Third and finally, and I can’t believe I’m forced to ask this, could you please have agents discretely look into the plausibility of the claim that Vekd is, in fact, a direct heir to the Ard Righ, preserved over a thousand years, with a part of his soul residing in an amulet under the control of a thousand-plus-year-old drow lich and, if so, what the ramifications of that occurance are likely to be? I know I asked Isaac to compare his portrait with those in the National Portrait Gallery in Elfhame a while back, but I am now convinced that we might actually need to know this information for the good of the realm. Bizarre as it sounds, I’m starting to think that a bodyguard from the Elfhame docks might actually be more important and dangerous than an entire new lost colony.

Father, thanks as always for your love and support, and for that of the rest of the family. I love you all, and in spite of everything I still hope to be home for the Exibition with new stories to tell.

Love to you all,


P.S. as there is a chance that one or more representatives of the Maw may wish to attend the Exibition, we should probably consider having the heads in the whack-a-gnoll table repainted to represent something a bit more innocent; perhaps a garden pest or something like that.


Letter home


First of all, thank you very much for the lovely party. It was wonderful to see family again, and the city population seems to have warmed to our presence as well. Please thank Mother again for her many generous gifts, most of which I will be unloading as soon as Aunt Rose secures me quarters off the airship.

Speaking of Aunt Rose, you will be interested to know that your sister is apparently quite the scrapper. I knew she was considered an athlete in her younger days, but I’m told she has actually defeated at least three locals in single combat since arriving, raising her estimation among the locals considerably. I don’t really think any of the local Gnoll population expected much from her, and to be honest I was concerned myself given the reputation of our “new clan,” but Aunt Rose has always had a particularly strong Vision and I think the possibilites she sees here are motivating her.

Moving on to business, as you know I have been forced by circumstances to abandon my original design for cleansing the mountain. It seems that many of the chambers which the Maw wishes removed are above the current level of the standing lava, and thus simply opening and closing tunnels like valves will not be an adequate answer. I have sent Sarah with copies of my maps and charts and a detailed description of the rock samples I have from throughout the mountain to speak with her coleagues amongst the family artificers about the possibility of creating a sympathetic focus for the volcano using the principles of similarity and contageon to forge the link and treating the pressurized system of the mountain like a Heron’s Fountain, and hope to hear their opinion of the plausibility of this plan shortly. In the meantime, exploration and sampling continues.

In other, more frustrating news, it seems that our local guide has abandoned us. Nafu, after weeks of telling me that no one ever comes to Mboshu and returns alive and mocking me for any plans I may have had to do so, seems to have gathered a band of pirates and stolen the ship of the erstwhile captain to whom I introduced you at the party. Frankly I am shocked at this behavior, which significantly differs from what I have come to expect from Nafu, but I suppose it just goes to show that I still have a lot to learn before I can claim to predict the behavior of gnolls.

In addition to leaving us with no native guide, Nafu’s departure has left me with another enigma to unravel. As I have mentioned before, our companion Vekd seems to believe that he is half dragon. Upon further discussion it also appears that he genuinely believes himself to have been trapped in stasis for some 1300 years, and to have had a portion of his soul ripped free and imprisoned in an amulet which, as luck would have it, Nafu was apparently carrying. I know that this entire paragraph sounds like the ramblings of a diseased mind, and to be honest spending time with Vekd does not necessarily disuade me of that opinion, but it seems that I have inherited this amulet through a sequence of unfortunate events involving Nafu, Kavuli (the “little” gnoll I showed you), and the Maw. If you could have the family magic users discuss whether I should even take this rambling seriously, I would appreciate it.

In any case, I’m for bed. We’ve no doubt a long, dark trek ahead of us, and I need it. Thank you all as always for your love and support.

Yours truly,


Thoughts from Vek'd 6
Stupid Mad Jenny! Stupid Drow Majik!

(Stupid Mad Jenny!) That stupid cleric is going to get us killed! My friends, she just runs through the tunnels thinking that they will just allow her to because she is Mad Jenny’s cleric! That is because most give her a wide berth on top and she expects it to be the same here. I don’t care if Mad Jenny cleansed these tunnels before, she can not just run rampant through these tunnels.

Of course, my friends, she thinks that these tunnels are ran by rogue drow that are following Anansi and they are just foolish, oh I feel for her naivete! She has not met with one of Lloth’s ilk and soon she will wish she was somewhere else.

Well my friends, Tindaji was no disappointment, but she was getting frustrated more and more the deeper that we got because we couldn’t find any evil drow. We fought well together, if anything could be said about her, she could fight! My kind of fighter too, she uses a mug of batkga that seems to never spill… hm, maybe a product of Mad Jenny?!? Well, she kept me alive to swim across to an island in the middle of a lake in the bottom of the volcano.

(Stupid Drow Majik!) That frigging stupid drow lich decided to send a minion to us! My friends, it was one of the most horrible things I have ever seen. It was a mixture of human, drow, and gnoll body parts connected to a spider body! Well we destroyed that thing… finally! Then contended with some skeletons. I have to say, Rube my friends definitely showed his metal on this fight. Seems he found a cane that he used as a club! One problem with this little gadget… The handle pulls out to reveal a sticker!!!! I only know this cause it barely missed yours truly and Tindaji.

After fighting off the massive amounts of undead (heh, I believe Fiona would have been beside herself with glee at destroying so many undead.) We went into the last part of a boat that we thought was the lich’s hideout. WRONG! we found something totally different. My friends, I came in Tindaji talking with this statue that thinks I am Rilian! (spits) I am not that poor excuse of flesh! Nor will I ever be, but this could be an interesting thing to have though, it seems to be a warden that kept the drow in the boat and seemed to drain a bit of the drow majik!

(Stupid Mad Jenny!) That idiot droll Tindaji first set it to fire, then pissed on it to put out the fire! What is she doing? I think she takes the Mad part of Mad Jenny too far! Act first and then ask questions when it is too late! Well we saved ‘the warden’ whom we will get answers later… bigger problems… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy bigger problems.

(Stupid Drow Majik!) My friends, it was that stupid drow lich and what was it on? an undead squid! it was HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (Stupid Drow Majik!) I have to say though what was really funny about the whole situation was the fact that I started taunting it and Tindaji got in on the act, then so did Rube! We were talking to each other and the warden and ignoring the lich. If liches can have facial expressions it would have been hilarious to see the incredulous look she gave.

(Stupid Drow Majik! Stupid Mad Jenny!) The lich casted a spell then dropped back into the lake, and what did that stupid droll do? She took the AMULET that Rube was SUPPOSED to be wearing and protecting!!!! She put it in her mouth and dove after the lich and grabbed the squid and dropped out of sight into the water. It only took a second to realize that the undead where reviving and seeing what that stupid lich did, I followed suit. Good thing I did!

(Stupid Mad Jenny!) The droll got herself paralyzed. And the lich took the AMULET!!!!!! Crap, can this day go any worse?!?!?! I had to ask, my friends, we had a good fight, the lich got away from us and slipped down deeper, now we got back to the surface and realized the ocean was on the other side of the wall.

Getting back to the island, we dispatched what little undead were there (Stupid Drow Majik!) It was just a diversion. Anyhow, my friends, I know that it hurts to be this far from the amulet and have it in an evil person’s hand but it seems as if the lich isn’t gonna use it right off. We gather the warden up and head for the surface. On our way up, that stupid drow that we set free last time is there and tried to kill Tindaji! Dang! He missed! Well, Tindaji was mad and bristled her hair a bit. She knocked him out and was a little bit satisfied that she finally got to hit an evil drow.

(Stupid Gnoll Pride!) Ghinjo got extremely aggravated that the undead where not destroyed, she started to get dangerously into the face of Tindaji. I as Taya and the voice of the Maw had to step in. My friends, to see Ghinjo’s face was priceless when I got into her face and told her to calm down and that Tindaji was a guest of the Maw’s and if she wanted to do something she was going to have to go through me. She bristled at that, since I am a male, but being Taya, my words are heard!

Rube and got the warden back to Fiona, and now, we have a plan. I know in a round about way where the lich’s hangout is. Seems Rube’s family has been working on a contraption called a submarine that can go under water. We will use the warden to get us there fast and safe and my feel of the amulet to hopefully to get us there safely.

My friends, I have this feeling when we get this tunnel collapsed that we will be going back to the green isle. I do not want to think of what we will be facing when we get there. We are in luck that we have friends in real high places! (The Goldbergs.) Well, enough of that for now, it is time to heal and rest before we go back down.

Thoughts from Vek'd 5

(Stupid Drow Majik!) My friends we went down into those tunnels again and found a waif of a drow male chained to the wall. (by my estimates, by choice.) He was delirious and deranged and out of his mind (If he had one in the first place.) We escorted him out and now we see we have more visitors from Elf-friggin-hame!

Great! more fun, more time I have to spend talking with imbecilic morons and not doing what needs to be done!

While this shady moron aisling is out trying to get spices and such from one side of the island, we kind of “commandeer” his tent thanks to Rube and his parents being the makers (of course, cause the Goldbergs have their little fingers in everything and is why they are filthy rich!). And as such, we waited for the arrival of Rube’s aunt and some relatives. The portal from their house was open for an hour, to which many gifts where exchanged. Afterward the party really started!

My friends, it was a site to see! Gnolls and Gnomes (Brutal racial enemies!) getting along and actually enjoying themselves together. Of course yours truly DID once again cut a cow, but this time it splattered onto everyone. And for only the second time did Fiona and myself actually spar. THAT, my friends ended with Fiona on her lovely backside! We talked a moment and then were slightly interrupted by Nafu (Stupid Mad Jenny!).

Oh boy! my friends, the truth came out about the Dark Elves back in Elfhame, the light in Nafu’s eyes where that of a little madness?! (Stupid Mad Jenny) She gave Kivuli my amulet to give to the Maw and then HIJACKED Aisling’s ship with a bunch of drow in tow! They are headed to Elfhame and will take down any ship on their way!

(Stupid Mad Jenny!) Now, the Maw has directed us to go to the small islands and find this cleric for the missions at hand, the cleric is a cleric of Mad Jenny!!!! (Oh, as if this is going to turn out at all to be good?!) Well, come to find out, this spirited (Stupid Mad Jenny!) person is a half drow/half gnoll!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, and everyone thought I was an interesting mix! She is no friend of the Maw and when she speaks of NOT being a pirate and Not doing pirate things, it is as if she thinks I do not have a brain! Whatever! I will do what is needed to be done and if I do not talk at all with this twerp then fine by me, just as long as she heals me!

Nafu's Tail 006
Why is the rum always gone?

Babu, we are flying once again. Theron said this was the fastest ship and I think he spoke true. We will sail into the coming storm and teach it to fear the volcano.

But just so you know, when I return to Mji and am slaughtered like a cow for abandoning my duties to the Maw I will be blaming you and Mad Jenny with my dying breath.

The day started with good portents. I gave Rube’s aunty a bird to greet her with. The best bird that I could find. It is not made of metal but it will sing many pretty songs. A breeding pair of goats too so that she can start her own herd and without offending the humans. It was a good party. Plenty of cows and bakga. Vek’d and Fiona tested their teeth against each other and Rube’s family gave him many gifts.

You smelled adventure even then didn’t you?

The drow that are still in elfhame. I now know the sickly elves will not send those drow home. I am Taya, I must go help them. Well, Taya until the Maw has me slaughtered for leaving or slaughtered for stealing the ship from Aisling and his people. Maybe he will die in the lands of the Knhum. That would be nice.

I hope Kivuli took Vekd’s medallion to the Maw. Vek’d is sworn to obey her orders anyway so it will do no great inconvenience to him in her possession. She will understand the other message that was sent with it, that I have become pirate and shunned.

My new pack is fearsome though. I offered a grand hunt to the drow and the near-pirates of the Tufani islands. We will take the Mad Jenny to Elfhame and if we find these other boats we will hunt them before they can take the storm to Mboshu. No one understands storms better than the Tufani. And the drow are tightening the rigging and attempting to make the Mad Jenny fly even faster. They have an unusual grim countenance now. They look as fierce as any gnoll. The pale elves and humans that came on the ship from Elfhame however, are . . . . less fearsome. But we will teach them how to hunt.

Theron stands at the wheel now, still looking mournful over the loss of some shiny things. I will try to find shiny things to make him happy. At least until we learn the knack of steering this giant boat.

Still, in the meantime we fly. Standing in the front and looking over the horizon I am eager to see my first prey.

You know Babu, blood and seawater don’t taste so different.

Nafu's Tail 005

Babu, if you see Mad Jenny up there in the Plains of Blood and Bone, do let her know that we could use her help.

Ancestors grant me patience. Vek’d started speaking of the old drow while we were in tunnels where some…thing that follows those ways still lives. Something that keeps the dead walking, has giant spiders watching its den, and kidnaps and keeps people chained and caged. I must remember he is an outlander. He is one of us now, but he does not know our ways, he does not know our stories, and he does not know why we don’t tell stories about the old drow while we are still in their tunnels! I will fix this as soon as we get back under the moonlight. It is bothersome to tell stories out of season, but he must know.

Maybe I will tell that story under the sunlight.

Subira is the name of the drow we rescued. He has been abused horribly. Even cows are permitted to roam. I hope his people will recognize him. I hope he has not been tainted by the evil in that place.

Enough bad news. Did you know that Rube’s people keep all of their dead? They give their dead some kind of den, most peculiar. I imagine it takes a great deal of room. Still, if they don’t wish to travel then it wouldn’t be so inconvenient. He seemed uncomfortable with the funeral of the Uramali cow herd. Understandable, I would probably make some embarrassing mistake at a funeral for his kind.

And most exciting! Rube’s aunty is coming to Mboshu! I told Ghinjo that it would be best for her to stay with the humans for now. Uramali humans are still fierce and prideful, but they should still recognize the value of an elder is in what she knows and not in how she fights. Well, not an elder gnoll of course, we remain savage fools for all our lives! Hah!

Nafu's Tail 004

Babu, sometimes your child is terribly clever, if I may howl a bit for myself.

These new strangers, they think I am some sort of silly, ignorant savage. But we are Knhum are we not? We grow up with crocodiles and know how to look as harmless as a stick until we’re ready to clamp down and deathroll.

I traded a pouch worth of bakga for a silver disk. Didn’t bother telling the outlander it grows all over the place. I took the disc to Rube quick as I could. Dwarves know about these sorts of things. I have learned far more about these pale elves than I could have hoped.

So follow along this logic. In the land these folks come from, these are called coins. They’re a lot like beads. Folks carry them around and trade them for things. But unlike beads, all these coins are supposed to be the same. People get mad when a coin is not what it should be. This is interesting because this coin is not what it should be. Aisling is making fake coins.

Now maybe Aisling thinks he can give us bad trade because we do not know what a real coin looks like. But Rube, Frost, and Vek’d all say to keep it, that it will be a strong point for bargaining later.

We are making pictures of the volcano today. Rube says he needs to make pictures to know where everything is. This will help with flooding the tunnels. We also will need to move the books. Vekd says if they are destroyed at once the entire island could explode. I am sick to the teeth of this whole thing, but I will try to be patient.

Thoughts from Vek'd 4

My friends, I finally decided to let Nafu know what kind of amulet she is wearing. If you could have seen her face! It was as if she chewed on a cooked slab of beef!(Realize, my friends, gnolls like their meat raw!) She was disgusted with the fact that anyone would do such a thing! (Stupid Drow Majik!)

We agreed, that is, Nafu and yours truly my friends to work together on destroying the amulet. For the first time I have found peace a solace since the beginning, I feel myself changing, my feelings are changing and an elation has come over me my friends. I can not stop but to wonder if maybe this is for the freedom that I am having and knowing that someone is working to help stop my torment and torture. It is hard to trust, and for some reason, not any rational thought for sure my friends that I have learned to trust Nafu.

The elation has past my friends, yours truly has gone back to that dark place once again, but this time by choice. The hatred for the grey elves in elfhame have surfaced. On the shores there is a boat, which comes from one of the lower families! Bah! Just what I needed now, if it wasn’t bad enough to deal with remanents of the unseely court that fled here centuries ago, it is now having to deal with these clowns! Noble indeed! They feel it is fine to talk around strangers in their own tongue and not think rude! I am glad I came, Nafu has a handle on it, I believe with my help in the translating for her, she knows every angle. They are a little miffed about the fact that they understand that I am translating for her, though they can not see my face. I will keep that way for as long as possible.

My respect for Nafu has greatly increased my friends, the talks with the minor house went as expected. Lots of sniffing from the upturned noses of the elves, Nafu did her own sniffing as well! Boy did they look in shock as she spoke to them in common! Wonder if this is the way we were when we got here, well, Nafu agreed that she would talk to the Maw to see if the elves could start a trading partnership for spices. Nafu left their ship and walked a bit on the beach, yawned and stretched, then proceeded to lay down, I saw a glimpse of the puffed up arrogant noble huff and puff. He probably would have came down and yelled at Nafu if it were not for the fact they were surrounded by so many darkies!

We got rested up and now it was time my friends that I commit myself to the Taya. I do this of my own free will and feel that this is the right thing for yours truly to do!

I have defeated Nafu in battle! My friends, I am actually 2 ranks above her! this is a glorious day! I know she will try to challenge me at a later date, and this will make it for an interesting time, but we will deal with it as it goes! I feel my freedom coming at me, it is like a cool breeze that relieves the weary traveler on a hot day!

I leave you my friends with this.


Nafu's Tail 003
Finally! Sleep!

Ah Babu, finally there is some good. Things had seemed so dark, but now the moon is brighter than ever. I think maybe you ancestors sent these strangers to us. Without Iestyn we might never have known how sick the Uramali tribe was. Without Ruben we may have never safely cauterized the wound. And Vek’d, well that piece of sour sumu has become the biggest surprise of all.

Before we left for the Uramali caverns, Vek’d announced that he wished to join the Taya. I had many doubts. He is very strange and I did not understand why he would wish to root himself so firmly to our lands and lives. After the fight with the profane thing in the tunnels of the Uramali I warned him that this is what the Taya was. We fight any that threaten the Maw’s children. Still, he wished to join. I would say he was even more enthusiastic. The elf likes a fight, what can I say more than that?

Ah, the amulet. It is with all serious and sad face he tells me that a piece of him is in the amulet. That it has been used through many summers to control and pain him. Horrific thing to control another like that. I tried to give him himself back but he would not take it. Instead we will try to find a way to destroy the amulet and free him from it. Still, the whole matter makes my fur bristle.

Babu, I hope you do not think less of me when I told him that we would not tell the Maw of this amulet. It is an unknown magic and most foul, but it does not seem to have the stench of death about it. My fear is that given the recent troubles with the Uramali there would be loud voices to destroy it without thought of what it might do to him. I will keep the amulet safe from doing any danger.

Iestyn has hardly been seen since the incident with the Uramali. I think she is in the rigging of the airship with her husband to be. I suspect we will not see either of them for quite some time.

Ruben met with the duergar tribes to figure out how to cauterize the tunnels of the Uramali. He said his pack would be willing to help, but they would need access to the land between the tunnels and the sea. I thought he would have a hard time defending this place from Ghinjo and the Uramali as small as that tribe is now. But Ghinjo had an even better idea, Rube’s pack could join the tribe of the Uramali. Ruben said he would talk to his kind about it. Hopefully that conversation will go quickly. I am uneasy at the thought of the harm those tunnels full of jek will do.

Still, not everything is moonshine and marrow bones. A new ship was in the harbor when we came back from the lands of the Khuhm. A new ship with new peoples from across the sea. They were throwing giant rocks at the fisherdrow! They questioned my hospitality (my fur still bristles). They want vanilla and cinnamon from the regions of the Knhum. I hope for their sake they have more sensible things to trade than metal suits. Maybe that is why they brought giant antelope with them. And stranger still, not a single female among them. Now Babu, you know I am not one of those who thinks a male is only good for staying near the den, but I still find it very strange. There was some incident between their chief – Asling – and that scruffy black warrior, but they told me of it through bared smiles. If neither of them wants to speak of it then fine. I’ve got bigger things to hunt. They sure made Vekd bristle.

Aisling told me of the fisherdrow that sailed across the ocean. He to says they are guests and well cared for in windowless rooms so that they will not suffer light blindness. Still, fisherdrow need the sea air. I fear these strange folks across the sea do not know how to properly care for drow and our ancestors will return as pale and sickly as these new elves.

Unfortunately for Asling he came in the middle of the day. After making sure my duties with the duergar, the Maw, Vekd, Halisi, and Rube were done I was in no mood to stay up for some fuzzy-faced pale elf who wants some plants. I slept the day away on the beach with Ngombe next to me and Vekd standing still as a tree keeping guard.

We have just finished Vekd’s proving and I am glad to call him brother. He did quite well for himself. I will admit I briefly thought of ordering him to stand down to see if the amulet would make him. I thought harder about trying to calm him with a song so that he would not fight, but Babu, I could not resist a happy prank. With Rube and Kivuli sitting with me on Ngombe I charged into the fight. Haha! It was a sight! Vekd beat me of course, swords have never been my strength, and a few others as well.

If he does this well after biting nothing but air then I shall do my best to give him bones to sharpen his teeth against.

Thoughts from Vek'd 3

My friends, it seems we have stumbled upon a mystery. The Urlamali are being led around by necromancers. the chieftain is the lead puppet in a masquerade of puppets. I do not think the Maw knows anything about what is truly happening here.

We went in to ‘talk’ with the chieftain about the trouble we had outside. My friends, I have never seen a gnoll dumbfounded before, however, the look on Nafu’s muzzle said it all when the chieftain said we were not to leave the caves alive! Well, to say the least, we had eliminated the threat of the chieftain and her ‘pack’ of morons before they could kill us; so we thought!

(STUPID DROW MAJIK!) We went down into a tunnel, for some reason Ruben decided to trap it! My friends, who can really understand the mind of a gnome? Anyhow, I digress, we found a friend of ours Talia (The human that wore a gnoll skull.) She was down there with the chieftain and later in the caves below the chieftain’s throne. We had thought at first that she was behind all the commotion going on, however, I don’t think that is the case.

My friends, as if by coincidence (I don’t believe it was) the chieftain and the gnolls we had slain rose again and we had to ‘kill’ them all over again! This is truly beyond the majik that these people know (STUPID DROW MAJIK!). I fear that our companion Iestyn does’t look too well. We came upon a bunch of tapestries, old tapestries from the drow I remember, he went berserk and began slashing them and burning them.

I fear for everyone’s life now, I do not want to let them know the truth, however, if I do not then their lives are forfeit and we will not be able to do what we set out to do. This is something I need to think on, for if it is discovered that I am here, and the unseely court remembers, then we are all in big trouble!


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