Tag: Goldberg


  • Analytic Engine

    At least three rooms of the Goldberg Manor are taken up by Babbage's Analytic Engine. It is a sprawling mass of gears, tiny lever, and interlocking pieces. It is Babbage's life's work. For the past three years Dame Ada Lovelace has been helping him with …

  • Goldberg, Ruben the Elder

    Rube's grandfather. Patriarch of the Clan-cartel. A master barber. Likes to interview people while doing hair. ‚ÄúPeople like a barber. People trust him to hold a knife next to their throat without slitting it, and to leave them looking and hopefully …

  • Goldberg, Sarah

    Rube's sister. A gifted illusionist and artificer. They had a quiet rivalry as children, but are very fond of one another as adults. (He used to steal her diary. This is a large part of the reason he is so good at spotting illusions and traps.)Although he …

  • Goldberg, Watley

    Ruben's second cousin. Chief liaison to the railroads. He and those under him broker shipping deals and scout out new routes. He also designs engines and bridges.

  • Goldberg, Stephanie

    Ruben's aunt on his mother's side. An astronomer with an impressive observatory about three miles from Goldberg Manor. (I can't decide whether she should be a wizard or some sort of cleric.)

  • Goldberg, Vannevar

    Alaska's husband, and in his youth a student to both Chomsky and Uncle Babby. Together with his wife he has developed a device called the Memex, which allows readers to create links between related topics in diverse documents.