Tag: deity


  • Mad Jenny

    Mad Jenny is the archetypal human of Mboshu. Originally a pirate captain, Mad Jenny and her crew were wrecked on Mboshu. Through a combination of cunning, ferocity, and luck Mad Jenny established a friendship with the gnoll chieftess Hyrra the First - …

  • Asavik

    Asavik is the great ancestor of the drow. She is sometimes a beautiful drow woman and she is sometimes an orca whale. She is very serene and one of her domains is beauty. Asavik also is a guide, placing stars to help fishers find their way home.

  • Anansi

    Anansi is a minor ancestor. He plays the fool in the stories of Mboshu. He often has grand plans and ambitions that don’t survive reality. He is frequently pulled out of messes of his creation by the other Great Ancestors. The only thing that Anansi truly …

  • Hyrra the Greatmother

    Hyrra the First, also known as the Greatmother, is the gnollish Great Ancestor. In the stories she varies in power between a clever and strong gnoll, and something akin to a force of nature. She rules over the rest of the Mboshu pantheon and models the …