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  • Analytic Engine

    At least three rooms of the Goldberg Manor are taken up by Babbage's Analytic Engine. It is a sprawling mass of gears, tiny lever, and interlocking pieces. It is Babbage's life's work. For the past three years Dame Ada Lovelace has been helping him with …

  • Goldberg, Ruben the Elder

    Rube's grandfather. Patriarch of the Clan-cartel. A master barber. Likes to interview people while doing hair. “People like a barber. People trust him to hold a knife next to their throat without slitting it, and to leave them looking and hopefully …

  • Goldberg, Saphira

    Rube's mother; a glazier and lens-maker. Also makes mirrors, blown glass of various types, telescopes, periscopes, and sculptures. Her work was highly regarded even before joining the family.

  • Goldberg, Sarah

    Rube's sister. A gifted illusionist and artificer. They had a quiet rivalry as children, but are very fond of one another as adults. (He used to steal her diary. This is a large part of the reason he is so good at spotting illusions and traps.)Although he …

  • Goldberg, Rosemary

    Ruben's aunt. Lives in this world's version of Cardiff. Runs the family's textile industry. Several other members of the family to be named later work for her in various capacities such as running water and wind mills and developing or maintaining …

  • Goldberg, Watley

    Ruben's second cousin. Chief liaison to the railroads. He and those under him broker shipping deals and scout out new routes. He also designs engines and bridges.

  • Goldberg, Stephanie

    Ruben's aunt on his mother's side. An astronomer with an impressive observatory about three miles from Goldberg Manor. (I can't decide whether she should be a wizard or some sort of cleric.)

  • Goldberg, Vannevar

    Alaska's husband, and in his youth a student to both Chomsky and Uncle Babby. Together with his wife he has developed a device called the Memex, which allows readers to create links between related topics in diverse documents.

  • Goldberg, Babbage

    “Uncle Babby”. Ruben's grandfather's uncle, and the oldest living member of the family. A master clockmaker and tinkerer, his interest in the relationships between just about everything have led some to call him brilliant while others call him mad. …

  • Goldberg, Rigel

    Ruben's cousin. Designs high-pressure steam engines and boiler systems, mainly used in factories. In his youth a piston from one of his engines came loose, wrecking the engine and throwing an iron rod through a stone wall. Since then he has become an …