The Taya

The Taya are called the Teeth of the Maw. They are not a proper Great Clan, they are the agents who serve the ruler of Mboshu and have no loyalty above that. Members of the Taya include every race, gender, Great Tribe, clan, and guild. They are the Maw’s advisors, messengers, soldiers, and magic users. They ensure that peace is kept on the island and help settle disputes whether in a peaceful manner or not. Anyone may join the Taya if they pass the proving and are willing to take the vow. To strike a Taya is like striking the Maw, a fate worse then death!

All magic users of Mboshu are required to join the Taya.

Nafu has been a member of the Taya for the past three summers. Vek’d has just joined the Taya.

Ghinjo was denied entrance into the Taya for killing members of the Taya during her proving.

The Vow of the Taya
I have no other pack, clan, or guild but the Taya
I am a tooth of the Maw. I will serve her will. I will not serve my own will.
I will not kill or cripple my pack. I will always fight with them
I will never falter in the hunt. I will not die asleep.
I will uphold these vows and the laws until I am toothless.
By blood and bone, I swear.

The Rules of the Taya
1. We are the teeth of the Maw. We serve her will.
2. Do not pretend to speak when the Maw has not.
3. Overcome your sister, do not kill her. The strength of the pack must not be diminished.
4. Never falter. Die biting the throat.

The Taya

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