Uramali Cliffs

The Great Tribe of the Uramali lies to the northwest of Mji among the cliffs and bluffs that border the sea. They have a history of necromancy. Many ships that manage to make it through the reefs of the Tufani Islands wreck against the cliffs of the Uramali

Recently necromancers from the Uramali made an attack on Iestyn in the city of Mji. Nafu led a strike into the heart of the Uramali territory in the hopes of eliminating the threat before they knew the necromancers raid was not successful. This has revealed that the corruption goes much deeper than feared.

Underneath the throne of the Uramali chieftain, Erevu, there is a library of books, some containing necromantic magic.

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Ghinjo is the current leader of the much reduced Uramali great tribe. She is helping map the tunnel so that the necromantic tunnels can be flooded with lava.

Uramali Cliffs

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