Cartographies and Colonies

Nafu's Tail 005

Babu, if you see Mad Jenny up there in the Plains of Blood and Bone, do let her know that we could use her help.

Ancestors grant me patience. Vek’d started speaking of the old drow while we were in tunnels where some…thing that follows those ways still lives. Something that keeps the dead walking, has giant spiders watching its den, and kidnaps and keeps people chained and caged. I must remember he is an outlander. He is one of us now, but he does not know our ways, he does not know our stories, and he does not know why we don’t tell stories about the old drow while we are still in their tunnels! I will fix this as soon as we get back under the moonlight. It is bothersome to tell stories out of season, but he must know.

Maybe I will tell that story under the sunlight.

Subira is the name of the drow we rescued. He has been abused horribly. Even cows are permitted to roam. I hope his people will recognize him. I hope he has not been tainted by the evil in that place.

Enough bad news. Did you know that Rube’s people keep all of their dead? They give their dead some kind of den, most peculiar. I imagine it takes a great deal of room. Still, if they don’t wish to travel then it wouldn’t be so inconvenient. He seemed uncomfortable with the funeral of the Uramali cow herd. Understandable, I would probably make some embarrassing mistake at a funeral for his kind.

And most exciting! Rube’s aunty is coming to Mboshu! I told Ghinjo that it would be best for her to stay with the humans for now. Uramali humans are still fierce and prideful, but they should still recognize the value of an elder is in what she knows and not in how she fights. Well, not an elder gnoll of course, we remain savage fools for all our lives! Hah!



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