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Thoughts from Vek'd 6

Stupid Mad Jenny! Stupid Drow Majik!

(Stupid Mad Jenny!) That stupid cleric is going to get us killed! My friends, she just runs through the tunnels thinking that they will just allow her to because she is Mad Jenny’s cleric! That is because most give her a wide berth on top and she expects it to be the same here. I don’t care if Mad Jenny cleansed these tunnels before, she can not just run rampant through these tunnels.

Of course, my friends, she thinks that these tunnels are ran by rogue drow that are following Anansi and they are just foolish, oh I feel for her naivete! She has not met with one of Lloth’s ilk and soon she will wish she was somewhere else.

Well my friends, Tindaji was no disappointment, but she was getting frustrated more and more the deeper that we got because we couldn’t find any evil drow. We fought well together, if anything could be said about her, she could fight! My kind of fighter too, she uses a mug of batkga that seems to never spill… hm, maybe a product of Mad Jenny?!? Well, she kept me alive to swim across to an island in the middle of a lake in the bottom of the volcano.

(Stupid Drow Majik!) That frigging stupid drow lich decided to send a minion to us! My friends, it was one of the most horrible things I have ever seen. It was a mixture of human, drow, and gnoll body parts connected to a spider body! Well we destroyed that thing… finally! Then contended with some skeletons. I have to say, Rube my friends definitely showed his metal on this fight. Seems he found a cane that he used as a club! One problem with this little gadget… The handle pulls out to reveal a sticker!!!! I only know this cause it barely missed yours truly and Tindaji.

After fighting off the massive amounts of undead (heh, I believe Fiona would have been beside herself with glee at destroying so many undead.) We went into the last part of a boat that we thought was the lich’s hideout. WRONG! we found something totally different. My friends, I came in Tindaji talking with this statue that thinks I am Rilian! (spits) I am not that poor excuse of flesh! Nor will I ever be, but this could be an interesting thing to have though, it seems to be a warden that kept the drow in the boat and seemed to drain a bit of the drow majik!

(Stupid Mad Jenny!) That idiot droll Tindaji first set it to fire, then pissed on it to put out the fire! What is she doing? I think she takes the Mad part of Mad Jenny too far! Act first and then ask questions when it is too late! Well we saved ‘the warden’ whom we will get answers later… bigger problems… Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy bigger problems.

(Stupid Drow Majik!) My friends, it was that stupid drow lich and what was it on? an undead squid! it was HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (Stupid Drow Majik!) I have to say though what was really funny about the whole situation was the fact that I started taunting it and Tindaji got in on the act, then so did Rube! We were talking to each other and the warden and ignoring the lich. If liches can have facial expressions it would have been hilarious to see the incredulous look she gave.

(Stupid Drow Majik! Stupid Mad Jenny!) The lich casted a spell then dropped back into the lake, and what did that stupid droll do? She took the AMULET that Rube was SUPPOSED to be wearing and protecting!!!! She put it in her mouth and dove after the lich and grabbed the squid and dropped out of sight into the water. It only took a second to realize that the undead where reviving and seeing what that stupid lich did, I followed suit. Good thing I did!

(Stupid Mad Jenny!) The droll got herself paralyzed. And the lich took the AMULET!!!!!! Crap, can this day go any worse?!?!?! I had to ask, my friends, we had a good fight, the lich got away from us and slipped down deeper, now we got back to the surface and realized the ocean was on the other side of the wall.

Getting back to the island, we dispatched what little undead were there (Stupid Drow Majik!) It was just a diversion. Anyhow, my friends, I know that it hurts to be this far from the amulet and have it in an evil person’s hand but it seems as if the lich isn’t gonna use it right off. We gather the warden up and head for the surface. On our way up, that stupid drow that we set free last time is there and tried to kill Tindaji! Dang! He missed! Well, Tindaji was mad and bristled her hair a bit. She knocked him out and was a little bit satisfied that she finally got to hit an evil drow.

(Stupid Gnoll Pride!) Ghinjo got extremely aggravated that the undead where not destroyed, she started to get dangerously into the face of Tindaji. I as Taya and the voice of the Maw had to step in. My friends, to see Ghinjo’s face was priceless when I got into her face and told her to calm down and that Tindaji was a guest of the Maw’s and if she wanted to do something she was going to have to go through me. She bristled at that, since I am a male, but being Taya, my words are heard!

Rube and got the warden back to Fiona, and now, we have a plan. I know in a round about way where the lich’s hangout is. Seems Rube’s family has been working on a contraption called a submarine that can go under water. We will use the warden to get us there fast and safe and my feel of the amulet to hopefully to get us there safely.

My friends, I have this feeling when we get this tunnel collapsed that we will be going back to the green isle. I do not want to think of what we will be facing when we get there. We are in luck that we have friends in real high places! (The Goldbergs.) Well, enough of that for now, it is time to heal and rest before we go back down.


LXV Vekd

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