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Thoughts from Vek'd 7

Vek'd 7

(Stupid Drow Majik!) We tracked the lich to the south, as we get closer, we find ourselves in a prairie/desert! (HUH?) Anyhow, it seems that the lich is not in this area, but the necklace is. We come across a campsite of the Kajuri in it. These guys are hunters that use poison and such and are good with alchemy. (Something Frost would have enjoyed if he had not been a puss bag!) They seem to know me by my reputation and are known to help the Maw with many of the things the Taya cannot do. This last part made Tindaji bristle a little bit, for she wanted me to play coy about being Taya, (because we do not know how people will react to you being Taya!), as she put it. I seriously think she needs to have her mohawk examined! Anyhow, they showed us where the evil stench is coming from! Drek! if it isn’t that she-devil Claiomh-bas Cnamh! (Shudders uncontrollably!)

The Kajuri are hunters that use really big dogs, and they are ok. A couple of the hunters went with us and we found the cave where my amulet was being held! A voice from the past started calling to me, I was compelled to follow, I had no choice! (Stupid Drow Majik!). Rube, you encourageable little man! Trying to hold me back as long as possible, however, to little effect. One thing I did find amazing though was that as I entered the cave to that she-devil’s lair, I was surrounded by 6 dogs! They in-turn became a valuable ally!

We were down to the wire and finally that she-devil was destroyed, the amazing thing I saw was the fact the dogs ‘blinked’ in and out as they took the bones away. Hmm, I wonder…

I handed Tindaji my amulet, as soon as we stepped out of the cave, one of the dogs took it from her. I looked at the dog, then at the amulet and I immediately without thinking destroyed the amulet…

…or so I thought! It appears that I made that piece of my soul jump into the dog! (STUPID DROW MAJIK!) Now, I seem to be able to talk with the dog (Omi) and he is not too happy. To say the least, neither am I! Well, we talked for a good bit and the Kajuri gave me necklace with a bone on it, it seems to be worn so that the dogs will always find me! Great, just what I need is someone always knowing where I am at!

I found a piece of paper with a weird saying on it, it came from the armor of the she-devil and I read it to everyone. It is a riddle to find the Lich’s phalactary. When we got back to Kajuri campsite, we proceeded to talk to the Master Snake handler and he gave us a ‘vision quest’. Weird thing about it was that Omi went with me on mine, He laid down with me and it was a good thing too…

… I was back in the hell. I was bound and helpless again, the feelings where real, the feeling of the bindings where real, (I had asked to be bound before I went under.) I knew this could possibly happen and I didn’t want to hurt anyone. She tormented me as before, holding out my amulet just to a point that I can not reach it. She taunted me, saying ‘Aw, poor Vek’d can’t reach the amulet can he?’ I replied back, ‘I have killed you once, you pile of bones! I will kill you again!’ Omi came running in and snatched the amulet away from her and I immediately found myself on a ship!

There, I see Rube, Tindaji, Omi and… Nafu! I run over to her and hug her hard. I then move back and slap her on her nose. ‘You are shunned sister!’ She replies, ‘I know, but I have to do this! After, I will return for my punishment.’ She quickly explains everything and what we are doing on the ship. It seems that we have to go to the teeth and retrieve something and then head to the green Isle (crap!)

We awake and leave for Miji and I return and see the Maw in private council. I explained everything to her, she is saddened by Nafu, but knows she can not do anything about it. She gives me a necklace to wear, a symbol of my efforts and blesses my trip. I go and see Sinafay and Kivuly, there Rube is and now Tindaji.

Kivuli wants to go with us to see Nafu, I try to explain it in a way he can understand and Tindaji tries to challenge my authority! There are things I will not stand for and to have a child killed because of me, I will not stand for it. I do not care what Tindaji or anyone else thinks, Kivuli is not old enough yet to fight!


LXV Vekd

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