Cartographies and Colonies

Thoughts from Vek'd 8

.p My friends, first thing I am feeling much better with Omi around. He and I have come to an agreement, of sorts. We will do what needs to be done to get my soul back (stupid Drow majik!) however, we will strive to make the best out of a bad situation.

.p We went down to the teeth islands. A cluster of small islands that dot the southern shoreline of MBoshu. I am hopeful that we will find the Lich and her phylactory down there as this is where we all had been in the dream. (I still miss Nafu.)

.p Bahh, what did we find but more undead stuff, I am sick at heart when I see things like that. It for some reason drives me to fight all that much harder. I wish I could eradicate all the undead period. We found undead Orca whales and much to our surprise, a half human/half aqua elf. She helped us defeat the Orca. We then went down into this cave of sorts and there the most amazing thong happened. We found the phylactory and a few other trinkets.

.p Rube and I went out to a clearing and thought on how to destroy the phylactory. I smashed one of the blue crystals and out popped a crystal golem. It wasn’t easy but we destroyed it. The next crystal we destroyed there was a strange blue light. This light entered Rube which turned his beard to blue, but didn’t seem to have any other effect on him. We tried another crystal with much dread but finally got the answer we sought. A loud scream was heard from all around us. That was it, the phylactory was destroyed!

.p after getting back to Maji, there wasn’t’t a lot of time for celebrating as we were sent off on a quick hunting trip. This was a favor for the Maw. Seems there is a lion (didn’t know they had them here.) Terrorizing a village and the hunters can not seem to get it. With the cleric and the new party member off sleeping, Rube and I head out with Omi following.

.p this is where it gets kinda fun. So, we track this stupid lion, my friends I have heard of these creatures before but didn’t know they could be so large! I was a bit skeptical three of us could take it.out. I was almost proven right when the damnest thing happened, Rube turned into a huge blue bear! He squeezed the life out of the lion. Omi and I were in a bit of shock.

.p As a trophy I was able get not only the head but part of the mane as well. Seems Rube is on this idea as well for he has gotten a piece for himself. The strange thing is, Rube doesn’t remember much of what happened after he turned into the bear, as if his transformation blocked his thoughts and memories.(Stupid Drow Majik!)

.p We get back to find that our cleric and newly acquainted wizard are M.I.A. We are followed into the halls by the cleric of The Great Mother. We begin talking about her religion and I have to say my ears perked a lot and my mind was drawn to every word she had to say. Seems she doesn’t know anything about Paladins and this idea has piqued her interests.

.p We get to the hall of the Maw and we have a quick conference as to the results of the mission and we get news that the Lich has been spotted in open terrain. They are not sure whether or not it is headed to Aisling (who seems to have a few big gems with him) or it seems that there is a poison that is needed and that meansthe Kajuri. Well, we now know what happened to our cleric and the mage. Seems they went to track down Aisling. That means the boys are running to the Kajuri.

.p (My dearest Fiona, I am so sorry. Please forgive me.) Realizing that we were going out and possibly facing a Lich and there was no majik users among us, let alone a cleric, so we asked our friend Fiona to come along with us. All was going well, till we smelled the rot. We drew the short straw my friends and ended up facing the Lich (of course). Be we began tracking her, I for some reason bent down on my knees and using my sword point down began praying to the Great Mother. The strangest thing happened. My friends, my sword (the one I acquired from the death knight.) turns red from the tip to the center and black from hilt to center to meet the red. Seems the Great Mother has taken interest in me.

.p We finally tracked the Lich down. The hag was trying to escape on foot. Seems that she got attacked by a large group of fishers and her undead squid is now destroyed. Well, the battle ensued and we finally destroyed the Lich and two undead elephants! Afterwards in which I knew she had taken a heavy beating I ran over to Fiona. My friends, something in me broke and broke hard for she was gone and I could do nothing about it. I can not talk about a lot about what happened next, for I feel as I want to forget it.

.p I am the first Claw of the Great Mother, for this I am proud and am at peace for the first time. For the first time I have felt the pains of the loss of a loved one and not sure how to deal with the pain.


LXV Vekd

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