Iestyn Vai'Hranozarh

magey mcmagepants



3773 // 5000
+6 cp

 photo ies_Spell_zps05b8667c.png


 photo ies_Spell_zps05b8667c.png

Seen Spells

  • Fireball
  • Hold Person
  • Otto’s Irresistible Dance
  • Polymorph Self via dagger curse




Wide-hooded Robe
Scale Mask with glass eyes
5 dragon scales 2 dragon scales

16 pieces of crystal dragon jewelry
6 rings
2 Arm Torc
2 Bracelets
1 toe ring
2 Anklets
+2 earrings from Nafu to be a ‘sister’

Messenger Bag
Flint & Steel
Hooded Lantern
20 Candles
Scroll Case
Sewing Needle
2 Blankets
2 Wineskins

+ Net
+ a whole basket of new and wonderful rocks
+ pearl collar necklace on leather

+ Signet of clan cnámh of ardeaglais
+ 9 other rings (one, a slender mithril band with a pearl is stuck on my finger )
+ a belt
+ an anklet


Clan Vai’Thulleia were the third of the top five families of the Unseelie Court of Lokotz. The Matron, Vai’esyllt, had a stable of 5 husbands, 2 wives, and the fierce loyalty of her three sisters. All of them were blessed with many highborn daughters, and a good pool of slaves and sons as servants. On the eve of their Founding celebration, however, rival clan Niamh’nom (ranked 4) staged a coup. Utilizing power magic like Cloudkill and other poison cloud effects, they successfully killed every member, slave, pet and mount of the Vai’Thhulleia save one child of the second wife. That child, immune to poison, watched in horror as everyone and every living thing he knew started vomiting up liquified internal organs and dying ins spasms. Panicked and crying, he grabbed his mother’s signet, his blanket, and headed out the secret, but now inane, escape route meant for the matron and her bodyguards. The escape lead out into natural caves, and after a few hours of stumbling and crying, he exploded out into on the surface in the noon of the day. He continued running- sunblind, crying, traumatized and exhausted. Mostly he ran face first into trees and bushes.

The dragoness, Hranozarh, was collecting amber in the area and found the child when he ran into the clearing she coiled in and shrieked in terror at the dazzle of light off her scales. She took pity on the snot and tear covered ball of terror that tried to crawl under bushes, and decided to adopt him.

Since that day, Iestyn has lived out 64 years with his new, better family. They learn magic, collect things, study the stars, make snow forts and coming up with wonderful jokes to play on travelers…no one yelling at anyone, no killing and raping slaves, no politics and dark goddesses. His life has been blessed, and he wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Iestyn has left the den to learn more magic from the world, bring home lots of new loot for the family horde, delicious gems for his family to eat, and new stories of wonders he’s seen and pranks he’s pulled.


Powerful Enemy

During a spring cavalcade of some of the nobles from the capital to see their holdings, he threw a snowball right in the face of one of the grey elven lords on a dare from his brother Dragon that surely he could not hit such a target- they must have magical shields and speak in flames from their arses. It hit the target dead on, and he and his brother fled the scene in a panic as the knights of band grew furious at their lord’s indignation and fanned out into the hills to find the perpetrator.

Iestyn Vai'Hranozarh

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